It is nice to walk through the city at night after the rain. I am listening to Isaac Hayes’ version of “Walk on by.” The flute about 3:30 in kills me. It is an absolutely insanely hysterical version of a normal average love song. It elevates romantic love into some sort of conceptual-art-science-fiction-out-of-body experience. It […]



If you worry about what is “yours” in it, it can be really hard to live your life. It is all fiction; all meaning is. And if your life doesn’t mean anything, is it really a life? I woke up at six, and opened a fresh bag of coffee. I am thinking about time, about […]

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It is always good when life resembles music. Even, especially, when you do not mean for it to do so. Even if the song isn’t all that happy. And I really like Sundays. Well I woke up Sunday morning With no way to hold my head, that didn’t hurt And the beer I had for […]

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I am listening to Sun Ra’s “Blue Soul” from 1970 on repeat. I am going east, the cheap glittery picture of a faraway mountain on my wall leading the way. I look into my eyes, looking out of the picture 20 years ago. Behind me the world burns, falls down, disappears. How am I even […]

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I walk back home from the Zócalo subway station passing bored policemen fiddling with their cell phones at every corner. The Canadian Prime minister is probably having a snifter of some brandy that costs more than I earn in a year at the national palace right now. I refuse to take any of that – […]


this obsessive thing

  I walked for some 4 hours today I think. I am not entirely sure; parts of the day are very hazy in my memory. I did take a lot of good photographs but my back hurts a little. I keep doing this obsessive thing, some sort of street-architecture-decay-abstraction porn. It was just a stupid […]

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Aleister Crowley writes: The idea of sexual cruelty is often inherent in the highest divine nature. Lust implies not only strength, but the joy of strength exercised. The light dancing in her eyes, that smile goes on forever. About 8 years ago I was told to wait, things would work out but I needed to […]

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