There’s no place like you You’re all the places (“Heaven Must Be Like This” Ohio Players, 1974.) I run my fingers from her cheek down along her slender neck, she looks at me. I close my hand around her throat for an instant, her smile framed by jet-black hair as I proceed down to her […]

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There is never a first graft. Looking at movement here, not positions. I wrote: Each time I try to get at some more abstract point about my life an abyss opens up and layer upon layer of reasons and circumstances bubble forth. J. Derrida wrote: Clip out an example, since you cannot and should not […]



I sleep for maybe two hours. I go for a walk early. It usually helps. Today, not so much. I walked for about an hour. The street vendors were setting up, preparing for Saturday-breakfast-business. The sun only barely began to reach down between the buildings, but even though February isn’t over yet the shadows aren’t […]

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It’s Friday evening. I feel a cold coming on, and go out for some pills. The atmosphere is strange, unpleasant. The air feels wet and thick, probably thunder on the way. But it’s something else also. Some sort of violence? The traffic seems tense, tempers short. People are honking hysterically, driving against red lights. A […]

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I woke up at 5 am for no good reason. Ate at a new place today. We hear thunder all evening, but going out just now it doesn’t seem like it ever rained. As fictional detectives go Detective-Inspector René “Doubty” Descartes is maybe the least known? “The last three items, as he dutifully pointed out, […]



Over the city tonight the moon is a ship sailing through the sky. Going out a moment ago some older men, drunk, stand by the entrance arguing (the aftermath of some fight?). I say hi to the cats by the cathedral again. They look so small and hungry. The opening into the text was adventure, […]

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  “You mean,” said Enin, “that money, like a mirror, flattens everything out, even though it looks, at first, like a perfect copy, moving when things move, holding shape when they’re still.” (Samuel R. Delany) We live by magic. Once you are through the looking glass money appears to be real. And in some way […]

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