We spend most of the night drinking and talking, and have fish tacos and some really good prawn soup for breakfast at 2 pm at a nearby market. The glyph on my arm is reddish with white streaks, smears and tentacles. Even the wind over the broken skin hurts. It’s fascinating to observe the healing […]

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I go out early, street vendors barely setting up. Between the sharp angles of sunlight the shadows go on forever. The crisp cold air cauterizes any remnants of sleep. I walk for over two hours. Eating French Fries we talk about art and feminism. Rather than a carefully tended pond, I find delightful the sort […]

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It’s after the end of the world, don’t you know that yet? – Sun Ra. After assuring the person he is talking to he will call right back, the homeless man on crutches (left leg doesn’t reach the ground) hangs up his imaginary phone to pay for two cans of beer with assorted coins. He […]

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“[…] the unfolding of a volume, a multidimensional milieu, an experience which produces its own space.”   – J. Derrida I lie face down on the mattress and roll up my sleeve. She lies on top of me, pins me down, and leisurely burns a crude and beautiful flower into my arm, petal by petal. Composition […]



Incomplete, of course. What you think I am, a hack? – William Burroughs I lay besides her reading as she slept just a short while ago, the heat from her body spilling over onto me. Harris’ book on Burroughs is so good. To send is to exercise control, is evil; language is made to elicit […]

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In the darkness the sharp warm glow around my hands moving against the sheets is caused by static electricity, the neutralization of an excess charge. Almost 24 hours of uninterrupted happiness. I shift through the calm slightly dazed now, unfocused, uncertain; rubbing up against the sky the stars sparkle even brighter. Nothing is impossible. Time-Space […]

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I tend to get stressed when things don’t go according to plan. I watch “Needful Things” (Fraser C Heston, 1993) waking up at 7am unable to go back to sleep. It isn’t very good, but Max von Sydow as the Devil is entertaining. It’s about desire and the details that add up to life and […]