You have to play the game to find out why you’re playing the game. – “eXistenZ” (D. Cronenberg. 1999.) If there was ever a better description of games, art, magic, life… The woman imprisoned in the insane asylum at the beginning of “Elektra Assassin” (Miller/Sienkiewicz. 1987.) has had her mind scrambled by a ninja demon. She […]

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You have to write the unspeakable. (Graffiti in public bathroom. Unknown author) Obviously there are different kinds of things that cannot be said for all kinds of reasons: modesty, fear, safety, respect, etc. What is unspeakable here is something else. It cannot be said for no reason. It is without reason, without meaning, it does […]



I will sleep wrapped up in her sweet smell. This is immensely comforting. I hope to use it as a bridge to the moon tonight. I consider today the most pleasant sacrifice. Everyday is better, minor anxiety apart. I feel hopeful, for the first time in forever. I feel hope. These where the first words […]

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I was looking at a white and pink leather bunny hood with blue buttons for eyes, and just a very small metal ring mouth-hole. There are a strange amount of bizarre humanoid bunnies in movies (for example in “Inland Empire,” “Harvey,” and “Starfish Hotel”). Not evil but strange, uncanny, occasionally frightening or mischievous. Looking at […]


Wrapped In Cotton

Robert Anton Wilson called it “maybe logic.” Derrida called it (amongst other things) deconstruction. A space in-between, inside the inside. All those strange forms and bumps and textures you can feel with your fingers. I tried to get a sense of that space just now. In my head it was blue (no idea why, it […]

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Fake Sharks

  I get a message from Fulvio Morsella: I just read one of those “things” you write. Something about sharks, madness, flesh, I don’t know. The price of bananas has gone up here. I met her again today. We were at this café she likes. I had eaten, so I just had a cup of […]

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“There are things that have to be said to advance the plot and establish the characters, and those things get said whether you want to say them or not. Don’t fight it.” – eXistenZ (Cronenberg. 1999) Life as a game: There is only one ending, and you only get one quarter, so enjoy it while it […]

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